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Our Software Transforms Tax Credits into Bottom-line Savings

         Work Opportunity
               Tax Credit 

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring individuals from certain targeted groups who have consistently faced barriers to employment. Employers may meet their business needs and claim a tax credit if they hire an individual who is in a WOTC targeted group. Friend A Felon helps you easily identify and process eligible new hires so you can maximize all  tax credits

        Federal Bonding 

The Federal Bonding Program is a unique tool that can be used to help high risk job seekers  (such as convicted Felons) get and keep employment. The program issues Fidelity  Bonds , and is sponsored by the U.S Department Of Labor. The bond covers the first six months of employment at no cost to the job applicant or the employer.

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Empowerment Zone Credits

Federal, state and local governments offer a wide array of economic development incentives designed to encourage job creation and capital investment, both statewide and in designated geographic areas, often called enterprise zones. Friend A Felon works with businesses to capture federal, state and local incentives, such as the Empowerment Zone Employment Credit, which can be up to $3,000 annually per eligible zone resident employed.

Increased Job Retention And Enhanced Productivity.

Multiple research studies have demonstrated that employees with criminal records who are given a fair chance tend to have longer job tenure and are as productive or even more productive than those without a criminal record. As an employer, this translates to lower turnover and improved productivity from your workforce.

Community Impact

Hiring felons can have a positive impact on the community by reducing recidivism and helping formerly incarcerated individuals to become productive members of society. THIS IS WHAT WE CARE ABOUT THE MOST!

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