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Hello and Nice to meet you my name is Sterling Braden I am a Father, software engineer ,entrepreneur,  and convicted felon. With FRIEND A FELON app I can only say that I’m utilizing passion and time for the benefit of others. Recidivism has a better chance at overcoming statistics with the help of our communities. My goal is to break the cycle in the community that I grew up in and all the places alike across the United States and give opportunities to people so that can make better decisions in turn they don’t have to do the things that they did to get in trouble with the law In The first place. I created FRIEND A FELON with a vision of helping individuals like myself. After being convicted of a felony, opportunities become scarce. For someone attempting to make positive changes in their lifestyle, the journey can be discouraging. I have firsthand experience of how difficult reentering society is. I have faced the challenges of finding employment that doesn't involve hard labor, locating realtors willing to evaluate my qualifications, and being overlooked because of a box I have to check on an application.  The constant rejection can lead one to fall into the same behavior that got them into trouble in the first place. Having my daughter made me realize I was not doing enough in preparation for her legacy. With FRIEND A FELON, I seek to contribute to ending the 'revolving door' and making a positive change throughout the world. The FRIEND A FELON App is America's first felony friendly job and housing marketplace and reentry help desk has everything you need to re enter into society as a felon. It has a national job marketplace & resource center and Felony Friendly Housing listings. It also features its own forum social media type platform so you can stay in the loop about all things reentry and more. Available on Apple App Store and google play store 


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